Ultrasound Babyface

Who we are

Ultrasound Baby Face prides itself on offering a unique and personalised experience that is difficult to find anywhere else. The clinic not only provides the regular 2D scans but offers many more services and products to achieve a wholly enjoyable and informative experience for its clients and their families.

The Company provides a world-first experience of viewing an ultrasound scan in an innovative and immersive way through the technology of virtual reality. Ultrasound Baby Face is the first obstetric clinic in the world to offer its clients the choice to view their 3D scan photographs in this way and offers an enjoyable bonding experience for those involved. Through the use of a Hololens headset, clients can view their 3D photographs at the clinic or during a baby shower with family and friends.

Implementation of BCE

Through the immersive and engaging VR/AR medium a user can follow the week by week development of baby, meet the healthcare professionals involved in your care, be introduced to the medical equipment and clinical environments used without the anxiety of the clinical environment and view previous ultrasound scans.

VR Booth

As further incentive to undertake the pregnancy journey your knowledge will be tested as you progress and you will be rewarded BCE crypto currency. By educating yourself on each stage of the journey you are engaging in preventative care, reducing the burden on Healthcare professionals having to educate you becoming a more efficient appointment, reducing costs and in turn improving the provision pregnancy care in your area. The cumulative effect of this preventative and engaged patients on an organisation like the NHS could have a huge impact.


Behind the pregnancy experience operates a compliance management system called Business Compliance Engine (BCE). The Business Compliance Engine core is powered by the BCE Crypto currency and utilises the Blockchain ensure an immutable record of compliance. The Business Compliance Engine is a Compliance/Requirement management system that provides free, industry specific, best practice policy templates and built for purpose IT systems to ensure seamless day to day implementation and collation of evidence, not only relating to the VR AR experience but for the entirety of your organisation.


Pregnancy Journey app

We will be turning our functional prototype into a fully automated and content full app that guides you through pregancy, stage by stage.

Pregnancy Journey Modules

Labour Pain VR Simulator
View Your Own Baby

Attend a clinic that offers the service

Your images will be securely transferred over DICOM formats and logged on the Blockchain. They will then be converted from the ultrasound scan and loaded into the Augmented Reality App.

This format can be used by any clinics that perform 3D 4D Ultrasound scans.

You will also be able to load your standard 3D4D ultrasound scan photos.

Baby Evolution in your belly
Meet the Healthcare Providers
The Maternity Ward & Equipment Used in your care
Ultrasound Equipment
Ultrasound Equipment
Pregnancy Market Place
The Maternity Ward & Equipment Used in your care
Ultrasound Equipment

What is the end result?

Virtual Reality version

A VR Podd that allows you an immersive and comfortable experience that takes you on a thrilling and informative VR Pregnancy Journey experience. Learn all about the developmental stages your baby goes through, meet virtual healthcare professionals and find out who cares for you. You can even view your own 3D4D ultrasound scans and cherish the times you first met your new bundle of joy. Not only that, forever cherish that memory by engraving a 3D ultrasound crystal.

VR Booth

This version will be used in the VR Egg Pods and provide a personal and private experience.

There will also be a an experience that allows dads to experience, in mixed reality, the the womans point of view during labour. INLCUDING LABOUR PAINS!!!

Crystal Engraving Machine integrated with VR Egg Pods

The crystal engraving machine will be linked directly to the VR Pod and allow the patient to choose any of their ultrasound scans to either view or engrave without need for a 3rd party. The machines will then seamlessly talk to each other and engrave your crystal within 3-8 minutes.

Ultrasound crystal

We have applied for a patent to protect the process we developed to convert the 3D4D ultrasound scans into a format that allows us to engrave into crystal.

Purchasing a more appropriate subsurface laser engraving machine and by automation of the current scan manufacturing process will result in a less labour intensive experience for us and a seamless experience for the user.

AR Mobile Cardboard version

By using the technology already in smart phones the initial cost of a headset can be offset by mounting your mobile phone in a cardboard goggles. We will be using this version in the Galleries Shopping centre. Providing a cost effective experience for passing public.

Google Cardboard
AR Headset Version

Aimed at use by clinics onsite for scan reviewing, the AR view allows you to place a scan or model within your surrounding environment. Being able to see both possible hazards and view your scan there is a level of patient safeguarding built in.

Business Compliance Engine - Healthcare Compliance Built into the App

The VR Pregnancy Journey is more than just a gimick or frill, its the public PR face of a revolutionary compliance management system, BCE, that exists to provide best practice policy and procedures irradiating the resource burden created by organisations recreating the wheel.

Its has been specifically to designed to provide robust and effective evidence of adhererence to the governing body CQC and provides the following;

  • Free Policies and innovative engagement
  • Free IT Systems to implement policies
  • Free Staff Training
  • Compliance & Requirement Architecture software
  • Immutable and Decentralised Compliance Evidence
  • Smart Contracts
  • BCE Crypto currency payments

As a healthcare provider it is paramount that the mechanisms you use to provide your Healthcare service adheres to strict requirements set down by the countries governing bodies.

The CQC provides UK based Healthcare providers guidance in the form of Questions and Prompts. You are required to provide evidence that your organisation adheres to these principals.

All compliance evidence, policies, procedures and IT systems are provided with any of the systems and for free via a compliance management system called the Business Compliance Engine.


Simply put we are going to engage with all participating parties, business owners, employees and end user by PAYING THEM or reducing the cost of improving the provision of Pregnancy Healthcare.

Free Policies and innovative engagement

There is no need to panic about writing your own policies and whether they adhere to a given requirement. Its all done for you by the BCE software.

However, we go one stage further and provide engaging games to communicate the principles of policies.

Staff Training

Everyone needs to be trained to ensure repeatably quality of service and competent staff. The Business Compliance Engine provides contextual and relevant training for user cases. The courses will be specifically designed and content tailored to a secific job role without ambiguity and with major focus on the links between policy ethos and day to day activities.

Compliance & Requirement Architecture software

Crypto Currency payments & Smart Contracts

Payments of currency will be made when there is a completion of a smart contract. This is an automated contract that will send you payment automatically once satisfactory completion.

This will be in the form of a Learning Management Site that contains informative videos and tests of knowledge gleamed. By passing the test at the end you will be provided a certificate, the results logged on the blockchain and a payment made.

Medical Industry:‚Äč

Healthcare courses

In an effort to increase the rate of breastfeeding, we now offer a course for expectant mothers to prepare them for raising their baby in a healthy way.